S01:E18: Hacking Business with Cyber Security Genius, Walter “Scorpion” O’Brien

S01:E18: Hacking Business with Cyber Security Genius, Walter “Scorpion” O’Brien

With an IQ of 197, Walter “Scorpion” O’Brien has the 5th highest intelligence in the world.  As a child prodigy, Walter hacked into NASA on a lark and was swiftly busted by Interpol and the NSA. Recognizing his unique abilities, they offered Walter a job as a government contractor solving for high-level cyber security risks. Does this narrative sound familiar? Walter’s life story was so fascinating; it inspired the CBS drama, </Scorpion>.


Today, Walter is a multi-millionaire who continues his work as Founder and CEO of Scorpion Computer Services employing the brightest minds and best communicators around the globe. His high IQ – high EQ specialists offer the government, military, and general population the opportunity to contract their genius-level “think tank for hire” to find solutions for practically any problem (Seriously, ANY problem).


We catch up with Walter at Cassell’s Hamburgers in Los Angeles where Chef Christian prepares the mouthwatering B’fast Burger with hash brown bun, avocado, and fried egg. YUM! Walter offers simple advice for small business owners aiming to minimize cyber security threats. Hint: your server is not “safe” collecting dust under your desk.


Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/P7eHjlokw2s


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Tasty quote to chew on: “Being smart is cool. We should celebrate intelligence instead of punishing it.”


Food for thought:

  • Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is just as important as IQ.
  • Being able to see things from the customer’s perspective is worth 20 IQ points.
  • Here’s one for the kids: avoid fields that could be overtaken by automation in the near future.
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