S01:E14: Finding Your Core Message with The Draw Shop’s Summer Felix

S01:E14: Finding Your Core Message with The Draw Shop’s Summer Felix

Business & Burgers
Business & Burgers
S01:E14: Finding Your Core Message with The Draw Shop's Summer Felix

Summer Felix has been in Internet marketing “since Internet happened.” Her unique ability to connect with anyone and take on their voice led her to co-found The Draw Shop, a whiteboard animation studio whose goal is to make jaws drop and mouths say “Whoa!” With The Draw Shop, Summer helps her clients hone their core messages and translates those messages into whiteboard animation videos that have proven to increase sales and marketing success.


The success of The Draw Shop was immediate. Summer, and her co-founder Erik Kerr, sold four videos before they even incorporated. But The Draw Shop is just one of the many successes of Summer Felix. Prior, she had owned and sold numerous online businesses and had made a big name for herself in the copywriting and ghostwriting worlds. Summer’s success in writing continues today with her novels “The Right One” and “Lost and Profound”.


Summer meets us for a bite at one of Scott’s go to burger joints from his college days, Hodad’s in Ocean Beach, California. We make a valiant attempt at finishing off Hodad’s monstrous double bacon cheeseburgers, all while trying to fit in a few frings and a malt. Summer is chock-full of marketing tips and tricks that will help you find your core message. Are you ready to turn your marketing skills up to 10? Then tune into today’s interview with Summer Felix.


Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/5CHEzjndeJ0


Learn more about our guest:


On the menu:

  • Double bacon cheeseburgers
  • Malts and shakes
  • Frings
  • Hodadies.com


Tasty quote to chew on: “Don’t try to be perfect. Sometimes the balance is understanding it’s not always going to be balanced.”


Food for thought:

  • Know your numbers. Know your R.O.I. before you invest.
  • When sales are coming in, it’s easy to get carried away. Watch your spending.
  • Don’t get stuck in your curse of knowledge. Simplify what you do into a clear and concise core message.
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