S02:E03: Creating a New Real Estate Culture with Sam Khorramian and Oliver Graf

S02:E03: Creating a New Real Estate Culture with Sam Khorramian and Oliver Graf

After years of honing their craft as master salesmen, Sam Khorramian and Oliver Graf have turned the business of real estate on its head by introducing a brokerage that not only lets agents keep 100% of their commission, but also provides 24/7 support. At Big Block Realty, the agents are the customers, and the customers are treated like family. Clearly, these guys know what they’re doing. Big Block Realty has been named San Diego’s Best Real Estate Brokerage four years running, and recently landed #26 on the Inc 500!


How do you sell the kind of vision that goes against years of tradition? How do you show people it really works? While munching on the epitome of comfort food (a tantalizing Mac ’N’ Cheeseburger made by the skilled chefs of Grub Burger Bar), Sam and Oliver advise entrepreneurs to seek counsel, dismiss what the critics say, and feel comfortable and confident in the direction they’re going.


Naturally, every enterprise will have its ups and downs. Like Sam says, “You either feel like king and queen of the world, or you feel like you might be on the verge of death,” and realizing that is the first step to overcoming the doubt and anxiety that comes with a slump. To get past it, you need to ask how long you want to feel bad for yourself, allow that time to rest and reflect, and then decide what you’re going to do about it.
Find out more about how Sam and Oliver are revamping real estate at BigBlockRealty.com, listen now.


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Tasty quote to chew on:

“Everyone told us it couldn’t be done, which told us we were on the right track.”


Food for thought:

  • Culture is king. Create an environment that your clients want to come back to.
  • Slumps are going to happen. This is a normal part of entrepreneurship.
  • When starting a new venture, seek counsel form those who’ve succeeded in your chosen field.
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