S01:E06: Pink Helmet Posse Starts Global Skateboarding Movement

S01:E06: Pink Helmet Posse Starts Global Skateboarding Movement

Business & Burgers
Business & Burgers
S01:E06: Pink Helmet Posse Starts Global Skateboarding Movement

We’re back at Muldoon’s Irish Pub with Jason and Sarah Kenworthy, founders of Pink Helmet Posse, one of the fastest growing action sports companies in America. This husband and wife duo set out to create better skateboarding gear for their three daughters and wound up transforming the male-dominated sport worldwide.


Their mission was simple: inspire young girls to get out and skate. Team Kenworthy began by creating trendy, girl-oriented skateboard gear, reinventing the segment one board and sticker at a time. It wasn’t easy, however. Jason and Sarah grew their business from garage start-up to global sensation while balancing a supportive marriage and raising five children.


Don’t miss the Kenworthy’s #1 secret to achieving a “righteous” customer experience, and being a successful husband/wife team.  Plus, we sink our teeth into the Muldoon’s Celtic Combo, a flavorful burger topped with homemade corned beef, Dubliner cheese and braised cabbage on grilled rye. Tasty!


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Tasty quotes to chew on:

  • Listen to each other and learn [from] each other. You can feel like you know what you’re doing, but sometimes [your partner] knows better.
  • Customer service is really important. It’s basically our advertising.
  • We could sell a cheaper product with better margins. Nobody [may] recognize the difference, but we know the difference… Everything we sell, we stand behind 100%.
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