S02:E13: Building Strong Relationships: Skipio’s Nick Greer & Randy Garn

S02:E13: Building Strong Relationships: Skipio’s Nick Greer & Randy Garn

Do you love your career, or is it just another job? Skipio CEO, Nick Greer, and CMO, Randy Garn, explain how keeping a positive, open company atmosphere and holding 15-minute power meetings are keys to help your employees grow just as much as your business. “Too often as humans… we have a job, I call that a three letter swear word. This is not just a J-O-B,” says Nick Greer, “If you’re just going through the motions, then we’re failing as a company, because we’re failing you and you’re not growing.” Underscoring Nick’s point, Randy stresses the importance of creating a learning environment that teaches employees to innovate, bringing new ideation to your company.


As Nick and Randy break the business mold, we’re breaking our rules and trying a popular sandwich by Black’s Sliders. Though it may not technically be a burger, we just couldn’t pass up the delectable Scooter’s Southern Fried Chicken Slider topped simply with romaine lettuce and ranch dressing on a Tuscan bun. As we enjoy our delicious sliders at the historic Star Mill in American Fork, Utah, we recognize the undeniable clout of face-to-face networking.


People, whether they are your employees, partners, or investors, are your most valuable resource. You must form strong, personal connections to succeed in the modern age. You might think that social media has provided a convenient tool for creating and maintaining meaningful relationships, but you’d be wrong. Nick Greer hammers home the importance of building substantial relationships the ‘old fashioned way.’ While technology is beneficial, it can never replace the power of genuine, human interactions. That’s why Nick and Randy created Skipio, a platform that makes sending highly-personalized text messages to potential and current customers easy. This level of communication ensures expectations are aligned from the beginning so that all parties can understand, agree, and commit to terms more expeditiously. Learn how to step up your networking game with business partners and employees alike!


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Tasty quote to chew on:
“Technology is the new, cutting edge, always changing, always adapting. Today it’s different than it was yesterday, but relationships, they’re old. The way that relationships are made and they’re had, it’s old… Those deep relationships are only helped through technology, but not technology alone. It has to be used with those old fashioned ways.”


Food for thought:

  • You don’t have to know A to Z. Just take one step at a time.
  • Teach your employees to think and be innovative and you will have a great company.
  • In business relationships money should never lead. Money should follow.
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