S01:E03: Myles Kovacs on Knowing Your Key Customer

S01:E03: Myles Kovacs on Knowing Your Key Customer

Business & Burgers
Business & Burgers
S01:E03: Myles Kovacs on Knowing Your Key Customer

From growing up in poverty amidst gangs and drug dealers, and struggling in school, Myles Kovacs shares his incredible story of ingenuity while overcoming adversity and creating a multi-million dollar publishing company. Today DUB Magazine is one of the most iconic automotive lifestyle brands in America.


Scott Duffy and Alan Taylor have a candid conversation with Myles at the Local Tap House & Kitchen (LTH) in Oceanside, CA. This restaurant serves up some killer cocktails, an ever changing selection of beer on tap, and of course an amazing burger. We try the 60/40 Fritta Burger, which, may we say, is eggcellent?!


Getting back to business, Myles shares how he went from a minimum wage delivery driver to a magazine mogul, and offers a few pro-tips all budding entrepreneurs should have in their arsenal! If you’re ready to be an expert in your field, determine who your ideal customer is, and decide when it’s time to leave behind the people and projects that drag you down, it’s time to listen in!


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Tasty quotes to chew on:

  • “There are only two outcomes when negative things happen; we become bitter or we become better.”
  • “The only people you need around you are the people that make you better.”
  • “Extreme nervousness is caused by extreme selfishness.”
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