S01:E02: Elephants, Marching Bands, and Going BIG with Mark Moses

S01:E02: Elephants, Marching Bands, and Going BIG with Mark Moses

An elephant, a marching band, a little light demolition on a newly leased building, and one hell of an entrance: Mark Moses, Founding Partner of CEO Coaching International, isn’t shy when it comes to making an impression that counts. Mark describes the pivotal decision to “go big” to inspire his employees.


It’s not all elephants and sunshine, however, the road to entrepreneurship is often a rocky one. Mark recalls a quote by Henry Ford when discussing the pain-points of business ownership, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” Mark started as a student painter, became a billion dollar business builder, and in his spare time, competed as an Ironman triathlete. As one of the most highly regarded CEO coaches in the world, Mark has made his fortune by grooming today’s top-performers.


Whether you’re at the helm of a small startup or a corporate juggernaut, find out what five things you need to do to be an effective CEO, and learn how to expertly craft your business dream team. Mark shares how he achieved success in a highly competitive corporate climate. Plus, don’t miss a drool-worthy moment of today’s featured burger, the All American Chili Burger at Muldoon’s Irish Pub. Listen now.


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Tasty quotes to chew on:

  • “If you think big and you act big, you will be big.”
  • “You get what you intend.”
  • “Accountability enables people to achieve what they want.”
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