Slider: David Corbin on the Power of Illumination and Brand Integrity

Slider: David Corbin on the Power of Illumination and Brand Integrity

Business & Burgers
Business & Burgers
Slider: David Corbin on the Power of Illumination and Brand Integrity

Do you avoid your mistakes? Do they make you feel ashamed, or embarrassed? Well it’s time to face it, follow it, and fix it. Performance Technology Group’s David Corbin explains why illuminating your mistakes and challenges is much more effective than hiding from them. To underscore this point, did you know that 70% of Americans don’t know what they are having for dinner by 4:30 PM? David explains how he used this information during his time as the ‘Chief Illumination Officer’ of a large pizza franchise to change their self-image. They no longer thought of themselves as a fast-food chain; they became a ‘crisis intervention’ company, solving last minute food crises as they arose. That is the power of illumination.


As we continue our chat at the Edge Steakhouse in Park City, Utah, David explains his ‘meditration’, entering a meditative state to concentrate his thoughts. This reflection helps him gauge his over-all well being and illuminates issues that he may not be facing. “I personally believe lifestyle is king. I do not live to work. I am authentic with the work that I do, and I start my day with a routine.” This matter-of-fact attitude helps David teach people to be honest with themselves, and follow his three key points: get real, be authentic, and be healthy. It’s never too late to change, are you ready to realize your full potential? Find out how establishing a routine, making healthy choices, and living authentically have led to David Corbin being considered the mentor of mentors.


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Tasty quote to chew on:
“What kicks you in the butt, as an entrepreneur, as a family person, is not facing certain things in your life. Face it. Just put your nose towards it and face it and deal with it, and if it happens, don’t hide from it.”

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