S01:E17: Betting Big and Crafting a Winning Elevator Pitch with Dan Fleyshman

S01:E17: Betting Big and Crafting a Winning Elevator Pitch with Dan Fleyshman

Today we feast at Los Angeles hot spot, Cassell’s Hamburgers, with millennial rainmaker, Dan Fleyshman. Through pure grit and hustle, Dan earned his way into the record books as history’s youngest founder of a publicly traded company after betting his college savings to trademark the catchphrase, “Who’s Your Daddy”. Dan’s tenacity paid off big to the tune of a $9.5-million U.K. licensing deal and an energy drink empire which capitalized on a winning name, exceptional flavor, clever packaging, and competitive price point.


10 years later, Dan was on to his next entrepreneurial endeavor launching Victory Poker. As the third largest online poker site in a crowded marketplace of 550+ competitors, Victory Poker rose to the top via innovative marketing strategies and squeaky-clean reputation.


Flash forward: The 35-year-old businessman serves as mentor and angel investor to over 24 companies and charitable organizations including Model Citizen Fund. Tune in for Dan’s failsafe 5-step plan to craft to ultimate elevator pitch. Plus, learn how you can get a free (Yes, F-R-E-E!) copy of Dan’s book, How To Set-Up YourBusiness For Under $1000. It’s time to go all in on another delectable edition of Business & Burgers.


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Food the thought:

  • You don’t need a ton of money to start your business. Get started today.
  • An idea isn’t enough. Have a business plan ready before approaching investors.
  • Enough drive and hustle can take you from minimum wage to millionaire in a matter of years.
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