S01:E15: Chris Stoikos, Shaping the Beard Culture and Growing Your Passion

S01:E15: Chris Stoikos, Shaping the Beard Culture and Growing Your Passion

For serial entrepreneur Chris Stoikos, a robust beard it a metaphor for life… Seriously. Chris explains, when you embrace who you are naturally, you open the door for passion (and sales). His holistic business philosophy permeates the corporate culture of Dollar Beard Club, emphasizing personal growth and health to ensure team members are “hyped” and “vibing on super high frequencies.”


Consumers seem to be attuned to the refreshingly raw ideology of the enthusiastic and efficacious millennial. Chris instinctually led the Dollar Beard Club to $14-million in revenue in just 14 months with only nine people on staff. Do we have your attention yet?


From diet and health advice to capitalizing on core creativity and grooming your dream team (pun intended), Chris Stoikos is a veritable wellspring of tips to thrive in today’s online retail market. We mow down on some ultra-rare PONO Burgers and get a lesson in authenticity with our favorite bearded brother. Ready, set, GROW!


Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/RYLNuQYjC8I


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On the menu:

  • PONO Burger
  • Ultra-rare Burger Patty with Bacon, Truffle Sauce, Anaheim Chilies, Mushroons and more.
  • www.ponoburger.com


Tasty quote to chew on: “Failures will happen. A failure is only considered a mistake if you don’t learn from it. If you learn from it, it’s a lesson. As long as you understand that mentality, you’ll fail upwards.”


Food for thought:

  • A company is only as healthy as its unhealthiest employee. Take care of yourself.
  • Experience allows for quick growth. There is no overnight success. Success comes with time.
  • A failure is only a mistake if you don’t learn from it.
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