S01:E08: Chase Jarvis of CreativeLive Explains: Know Your Value, Get Paid More

S01:E08: Chase Jarvis of CreativeLive Explains: Know Your Value, Get Paid More

Are you ready to thrive in a career that’s driven by passion? It’s time to rewire your brain and get creative! Chase Jarvis, Co-Founder and CEO of CreativeLive, explains: tapping into your innate ingenuity is the first step to unlocking a fulfilling life and higher earning potential (Seriously, you can have it all!)


We sit down with the entrepreneurial photographer at Quinn’s Pub in Seattle where we devour a quinoa, farro, and smoked lentils burger loaded with charred veggies and an avocado aioli that’s to die for! Oh, and did we mention a side of cheese curds? *Drool* In between voracious bites, we learn how Chase went from college soccer star to renowned photographer, sought after teacher, and social media pioneer.


What’s his secret? Chase reveals this simple, daily practice that will unleash resourceful solutions to life and business problems. Hint: Find a “side hustle” that you love! You’ll have to watch to find out more on this episode of Business & Burgers.


Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/zjDphhJihZw


Learn more about our guest:


On the menu:


Tasty quotes to chew on:

  • “Creativity isn’t some gift that’s anointed; it’s a process.”
  • “Creativity underpins the solution to every problem the world will ever know.”
  • “You have to be good at your craft. There’s no shortcutting that.”


Episode takeaways:

  • Don’t just be better, be different. Find your point of view.
  • When you know the work you do has value, it becomes much easier to charge money.
  • To unleash your inner creativity, do something creative every single day.
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