S01:E05: Breaking Bread with Business Gurus – Special Highlight Episode

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S01:E05: Breaking Bread with Business Gurus – Special Highlight Episode

We cruise the So Cal coast to meet with some of the top entrepreneurs in their field on this special highlight episode. We start with world-renowned artist, Noah Elias, who teaches us how to leverage technology to scale a business. CEO Coaching founder, Mark Moses, explains how he bounced back from the brink of bankruptcy to become one of the most highly regarded CEO coaches in the world. DUB Magazine co-founder, Myles Kovacs, takes us on the journey from the rough streets of east LA to magazine mogul.  We end with the story of Epic Real Estate tycoon, Matt Theriault, who found the inspiration to build his empire while bagging groceries.


Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/KEa_q9Rj3fY


Learn more about our guests:

Noah Elias | Artist/Owner, Noah Fine Art


Mark Moses | Founding Partner, CEO Coaching International


Myles Kovacs | President/Co-Founder, DUB Magazine


Matt Theriault | Founder & CEO, Epic Real Estate


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