S01:E09: Building a Fan Following: Barry Meguiar Talks Cars & Community

S01:E09: Building a Fan Following: Barry Meguiar Talks Cars & Community

More than a century ago, Meguiar’s began as a furniture polish product, created in the garage of Frank Meguiar, Jr. Now representing the third generation of the company, Barry Meguiar has evolved the brand, bringing it to retail and transforming it into a global car care company.


Going a step further, Barry created the popular television series, Car Crazy Central, a car show not just about stand-out vehicles, but the people who love them. Barry attributes the success of the show to the resilient community of automotive enthusiasts explaining, “We all like different types of cars, but we’re all car crazy. We share the same passion. So, we have brought community.”


How can you go about creating an avid customer base brimming with passionate fans? Boasting an 82% customer retention rate, Barry is a master of identifying the ideal customer and breaks down his four-step secret to building brand loyalty with a marketing plan fit for any entrepreneur, regardless of ad budget. All this and more while we enjoy another epic meal at Muldoon’s Irish Pub. On today’s menu: the St. Paddy’s Burger, a savory beef patty with Dubliner cheese, bacon and avocado.


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Tasty quotes to chew on:

  • “Be more excited about solving your customers’ problems than selling product to them.”
  • “The product itself has to be the best. If you do that halfheartedly, everything else falls apart.”
  • “If I can help you be a success, maybe you can help me be a success, but first I want to help you.”


Episode takeaways:

  • If the product is the best, it will sell.
  • If two people are doing the same thing the same way, one of them is unnecessary.
  • Identify your target audience and focus on solving their problems.
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