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S01:E01: Noah Elias on Leveraging Technology to Build Your Brand

On our first episode of Business & Burgers, Alan Taylor and Scott Duffy sit down with globally renowned artist, Noah Elias. From creating for Disney and Star Wars, to painting those amazing cars in Fast & Furious, Noah shares his story and gives sage advice to entrepreneurs on leveraging time effectively, scaling a business, and utilizing technology to grow.


Scott Duffy and Alan Taylor visit Muldoon’s Dublin Pub in Newport Beach, California—a restaurant serving authentic Irish cuisine that will transport you across the pond (no passport required). Tune in now!


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S01:E02: Mark Moses from Brink of Bankruptcy to Billion Dollar Business

Alan Taylor and Scott Duffy take us back to the award-winning Muldoon’s Dublin Pub in Newport Beach, California, and share a mouthwatering burger with uber entrepreneur, billion dollar business builder, and Ironman Triathlete, Mark Moses.


From riding an elephant into a sales meeting, hiring a marching band to pump up his team, and being on the brink of bankruptcy, Mark shares his business and life lessons on how to think BIG, build amazing teams, create company culture, and overcome adversity.


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S01:E03: Myles Kovacs, From the Streets of East LA to Publishing Mogul of DUB Magazine

From growing up in poverty amidst gangs and drug dealers, and struggling in school, Myles Kovacs shares his incredible story of ingenuity while overcoming adversity and creating a multi-million dollar publishing company. Today DUB Magazine is one of the most iconic automotive lifestyle brands in America and around the world. 


Scott Duffy and Alan Taylor have a candid conversation with Myles at the Local Tap House & Kitchen (LTH) in Oceanside, CA. This restaurant serves up some amazing burgers. We try the 60/40 Fritta Burger, it’s simply eggcellent!


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S01:E04: Dead Broke to Epic Real Estate Tycoon – Matt Theriault’s Journey to Sucess

From music mogul to bagging groceries, Matt Theriault found himself dead broke and needing a life “do-over.” Out of the financial ashes, Matt changed course, building one of today’s hottest real estate empires in the country, Epic Real Estate. Matt explains how his personal credo, “Those who educate the market, dominate the market,” catapulted him to success.


Plus, don’t miss a mouthwatering moment as we frequent one of San Diego’s most iconic eateries, Hodad’s Ocean Beach, where the line often wraps around the block for what Hodad’s boasts are the “Best Burgers in the World.”


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S01:E05: Breaking Bread with Business Gurus – Special Hightlight Episode

We cruise the So Cal coast to meet with some of the top entrepreneurs in their field on this special highlight episode. We start with world-renowned artist, Noah Elias, who teaches us how to leverage technology to scale a business. CEO Coaching founder, Mark Moses, explains how he bounced back from the brink of bankruptcy to become one of the most highly regarded CEO coaches in the world. DUB Magazine co-founder, Myles Kovacs, takes us on the journey from the rough streets of east LA to magazine mogul.  We end with the story of Epic Real Estate tycoon, Matt Theriault, who found inspiration to build his empire while bagging groceries. 


Hungry for more? Learn more about our guests below.


Noah Elias | www.noahfineart.com

Mark Moses | www.markmoses.net

Myles Kovacs | www.dubmagazine.com

Matt Theriault | www.matttheriault.com

S01:E06: Pink Helmet Posse Starts Global Skateboarding Movement, Transforms Sport

We’re back at Muldoon’s Irish Pub with Jason and Sarah Kenworthy, founders of Pink Helmet Posse, one of the fastest growing action sports companies in America. This husband and wife duo set out to create better skateboarding gear for their three daughters and wound up transforming the male-dominated sport worldwide. It wasn’t easy, however. Jason and Sarah grew their business from garage start-up to global sensation while balancing a supportive marriage and raising five children.


Don’t miss the Kenworthy’s #1 secret to achieving a “righteous” customer experience, and being a successful husband/wife team. Plus, we sink our teeth into the Muldoon’s Celtic Combo, a flavorful burger topped with homemade corned beef, Dubliner cheese and braised cabbage on grilled rye. Tasty!


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S01:E07: John Ashworth Goes from Caddie to Golf Apparel Icon

Struggling as a pro-tour golf caddie, John Ashworth found himself low on cash and hungry for an opportunity to make golf his career. John landed in the sporting goods business and quickly recognized a gap in the market, transitional apparel to comfortably go from the links to a night out on the town. More than 20 years later, Linksoul was born: part clothing brand, part life philosophy, located in the heart of Oceanside, CA.


We catch up with John at Local Tap House & Kitchen where we feast on two menu staples: the Blue Collar CAB Burger and House Made Quinoa Burger. Join us for career advice that’s all aces as we discuss the importance of having a defined product focus and well-matched business partners.


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S01:E08: Chase Jarvis of CreativeLive Explains: Know Your Value, Get Paid More.

Are you ready to thrive in a career that’s driven by passion? It’s time to rewire your brain and get creative! Chase Jarvis, Co-Founder and CEO of CreativeLive, explains: tapping into your innate ingenuity is the first step to unlocking a fulfilling life and higher earning potential (Seriously, you can have it all!)


We sit down with the entrepreneurial photographer at Quinn’s Pub in Seattle where we devour a quinoa, farro, and smoked lentils burger loaded with charred veggies and an avocado aioli that’s to die for! Chase reveals this simple, daily practice that will unleash resourceful solutions to life and business problems. You’ll have to watch to find out more!


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S01:E09: Building a Fan Following: Barry Meguiar Talks Cars & Community

More than a century ago, Meguiar’s began as a furniture polish product, created in the garage of Frank Meguiar, Jr. Now representing the third generation of the company, Barry Meguiar has evolved the brand, bringing it to retail and transforming it into a global car care company. Going a step further, Barry created the popular television series, Car Crazy Central, a car show not just about stand-out vehicles, but the people who love them.


How can you go about creating an avid customer base brimming with passionate fans? Boasting an 82% customer retention rate, Barry is a master of identifying the ideal customer and breaks down his four-step secret to building brand loyalty with a marketing plan fit for any entrepreneur, regardless of ad budget. All this and more while we enjoy another epic meal at Muldoon’s Irish Pub. On today’s menu: the St. Paddy’s Burger, a savory beef patty with Dubliner cheese, bacon and avocado. Yum!


Learn more about Barry Meguiar:



S01:E10: Shattering the Glass Ceiling with glassybaby Founder & Chairwoman, Lee Rhodes

It all started in a kitchen… While in the midst of her third battle with cancer, Lee Rhodes dropped a flickering tea light into a hand-blown glass vessel. The serenity in that moment inspired Lee’s life mission to create an exceptionally beautiful product while providing resources to help others on their journey to health and healing. That altruistic spirit would be the secret sauce which catapulted glassybaby to international notoriety, and earned Lee Entrepreneur Magazine’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award, becoming the first female to be honored with the illustrious title.


Lee speaks on the unique challenges facing female entrepreneur, and how she overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We break bread at Skillet Diner in Seattle where Chef Nick Novella has prepared a stunning fennel crusted fried chicken sandwich as well as a custom heirloom tomato and caramelized onion veggie-burger! Are you ready to make a difference? Start by listening to this moving interview with glassybaby Founder & Chairwoman, Lee Rhodes.


Learn more about Lee Rhodes:


S01:E11: Pro Football Hall of Famer, Warren Moon

On the field and off, Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback, Warren Moon, is a born leader. Warren went from being the MVP of the Rose Bowl, to the best player in the CFL, and eventually the most sought after quarterback in the NFL. An internal motivation to measure himself against the best athletes around propelled Warren to achieve a lucrative and auspicious career.


Today, Warren Moon’s focus is on his global sports and entertainment marketing firm, Sports 1 Marketing, and his charitable organization, Crescent Moon Foundation, helping kids get the education they need. Warren shares the core values he attributes to his success as we chow down on Skillet Diner’s gourmet grub in Seattle. Chef Nick gives us a sneak peek at a bacon topped burger that isn’t even on the menu yet – how could we refuse?!


Learn more about Warren Moon:



S01:E12: From $100M Business to Losing it All to Bouncing Back in a Big Way

As the former CEO of real-life Jerry Maguire, Leigh Steinberg, David Meltzer learned that although, “Show me the money!” is a great catchphrase, it doesn’t equate to a connected and inspired life. David Meltzer has spent the last 25 years as an entrepreneur in the legal, tech, and sports and entertainment fields. Today, as CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, David leverages his “relationship capital” and situational knowledge to create abundance for those around him.


Get ready for striking conversation as we chow down on Skillet Diner’s signature dish, “The Burger” with creamy blue cheese and house-made bacon jam. David offers lessons in gratitude, empathy, communication and accountability. Official Business & Burgers Notice: Inspiration (and hunger) is eminent. 


Learn more about David Meltzer:



S01:E13: SEO Expert, Rand Fishkin, from Severe Debt to Over $40mm in Revenue

As one of the marketing world’s fastest growing software companies, Moz focuses on improving professional marketers web traffic and customer acquisition using SEO, social media, content marketing, and more. Founder and former CEO of Moz, Rand Fishkin, offers an honest account of how he went from a struggling start-up with $500,000 in personal debt to an online marketing heavy-weight, netting $40-million in revenue.


Rand explains it’s crucial to describe your product in a way that resonates with subscribers, potential customers, and influencers. Are you ready to delight online searchers, garner robust customer engagement, earn organic social media amplification, and become an authority in the market? We devour Quinn’s Pub Signature Burgers while Rand shares his top tips to improve SEO.


Learn more about Rand Fishkin:



S01:E14: Finding Your Core Message with The Draw Shop Co-Founder, Summer Felix

Summer Felix has been in Internet marketing “since Internet happened.” Her unique ability to connect with anyone and take on their voice led her to co-found The Draw Shop, a whiteboard animation studio whose goal is to make jaws drop and mouths say “Whoa!” With The Draw Shop, Summer helps her clients hone their core messages and translates those messages into whiteboard animation videos that have proven to increase sales and marketing success.


The success of The Draw Shop was immediate. Summer, and her co-founder Erik Kerr, sold four videos before they even incorporated. But The Draw Shop is just one of the many successes of Summer Felix. Prior, she had owned and sold numerous online businesses and had made a big name for herself in the copywriting and ghostwriting worlds. Summer’s success in writing continues today with her novels “The Right One” and “Lost and Profound”.


Learn more about Summer Felix:



S01:E15: Chris Stoikos, Shaping the Beard Culture and Growing Your Passion

For serial entrepreneur Chris Stoikos, a robust beard is a metaphor for life. His holistic business philosophy permeates the corporate culture of Dollar Beard Club, emphasizing personal growth and health for all team members. Consumers seem to be attuned to the refreshingly raw ideology of the enthusiastic and efficacious millennial. Chris instinctually led the Dollar Beard Club to $14-million in revenue in just 14 months with only nine people on staff.


We mow down on some ultra-rare PONO Burgers and get a lesson on how to thrive in today’s online retail market with our favorite bearded brother, Chris Stoikos. Ready, set, GROW!


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S01:E16: Harness Technology to Become a Mobile Mogul with Aaron Scott Young

For many entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get locked into a startup state of mind (and the instability that goes with it).  It’s time to break those tethers, friends! Outsourced Chief Strategy Officer and lifelong entrepreneur, Aaron Scott Young, lays out his recipe to build a business that works hard for you so that you aren’t a slave to the daily grind.  


Learn how to conquer challenging obstacles, measure performance to boost productivity, and select the right gear to stay connected with critical business components. (Our very own Scott Duffy and Alan Taylor trust the HP Elite x2 2-in-1). Plus, don’t miss out on a Business & Burgers first where we sample three delectable PONO Burger creations


Learn more about Aaron Scott Young:



S01:E17: Betting Big and Crafting a Winning Elevator Pitch with Dan Fleyshman

Today we feast at Los Angeles hot spot, Cassell’s Hamburgers, with millennial rainmaker, Dan Fleyshman. Dan earned his way into the record books as history’s youngest founder of a publicly traded company after betting his college savings to trademark the catchphrase, “Who’s Your Daddy”. 10 years later, Dan was on to his next entrepreneurial endeavor launching Victory Poker, third largest online poker site among 550+ competitors.


Today, Dan serves as mentor and angel investor to over 24 companies and charitable organizations including Model Citizen Fund. Tune in for Dan’s fail-safe 5-step plan to craft to ultimate elevator pitch. Plus, learn how you can get a free (Yes, F-R-E-E!) copy of Dan’s book, How To Set-Up YourBusiness For Under $1000. It’s time to go all in on another delectable edition of Business & Burgers. 


Learn more about Dan Fleyshman:



S01:E18: Hacking Business with Cycber Sercurity Genius, Walter “Scorpion” O’Brien

With an IQ of 197, Walter “Scorpion” O’Brien has the 5th highest intelligence in the world. As a child prodigy, Walter hacked into NASA on a lark and was swiftly busted by Interpol and the NSA. Recognizing his unique abilities, they offered Walter a job as a government contractor solving for high-level cyber security risks. Does this narrative sound familiar? Walter’s life story was so fascinating; it inspired the CBS drama, </Scorpion>.


Today, the genius hacker is a multi-millionaire who continues his work as Founder and CEO of Scorpion Computer Services employing the brightest minds and best communicators around the globe. We catch up with Walter at Cassell’s Hamburgers in Los Angeles where Chef Christian prepares the mouthwatering B’fast Burger. Tune in for simple tips to minimize cyber threats for your small business. Hint: your server is not “safe” under your desk.


Learn more about Walter O’Brien:



S01:E19: Jim Brisimitzis and What Microsoft Can Do for Your Startup

We’re back at Quinn’s Pub for another round of Seattle’s most unique burgers. Chef Scott whips up a Korean version of Quinn’s Signature Burger, and joining to help us devour this ginger-infused delight is Jim Brisimitzis, General Manager of the Microsoft Startup Program. He and his team work on finding a better way for Microsoft customers to deploy cloud solutions for their business.


Microsoft offers tools for entrepreneurs with BizSpark, which gives access to a cloud based software for three years, and mentorship throughout the process from ideation to execution. Help is even available for the funding phase through Microsoft Accelerator and Microsoft Ventures Fund. If you’re considering launching a new business in 2017, this episode is for you! Find out all the tools available to help you succeed.


Learn more about Jim Brisimitzis:



S02:E01: Mitch Thrower of Events.com Shares Mega Earning Potential Formula

After fracturing both knees and needing multiple leg surgeries, 22x Ironman triathlete and businessman, Mitch Thrower, used his passion for athletics to propel his entrepreneurial journey. He purchased and sold Triathlete Magazine before launching events.com, a powerful software as a service (SaaS) platform with intuitive tools to take the stress out of event planning and boost profit margins.


In between happy chomps of Grub Burger Bar’s Jive Turkey and Guacapotle burgers, we tackle a wide range of business advice including; selecting the right partner, sourcing capital, addressing complicated communication issues, and more. Plus, Mitch says this secret formula, RRHMLMR x MDA, is what you need to create a modern company with mega earning potential. Watch to learn more.


Learn more about Mitch Thrower:



S02:E02: Importing Brilliant Business Advice with UGG Founder, Brian Smith

From selling merch out of his van on the sunny shores of Southern California, to creating a billion dollar international fashion brand, UGG Founder, Brian Smith, embarked on a long road to reimagine advertising and reach savvy consumers. This Aussie came to the west in search of the next big business opportunity to take back home. Instead, he discovered a missing staple of surf culture, sheepskin boots, and pivoted his business model to imported goods. As we now know, this fashion trend would sweep the nation – but it didn’t start out that way…


After sinking his teeth into a mouthwatering Lockhart Legend at Grub Burger Bar, Brian relives those first few years of rejection, slow growth, and at last a breakthrough! His epiphany? Authenticity breeds success. Once that lesson had been learned, UGG blossomed into the global phenomenon it is today. Now, Brian lives by this credo: Feast upon uncertainty, fatten upon disappointment, invigorate in the presence of difficulties, and enthuse over apparent defeat. Learn how you can turn struggle into success.


Learn more about Brian Smith:



S02:E03: Creating a New Real Estate Culture with Sam Khorramian and Oliver Graf

After years of honing their craft as master salesmen, Sam Khorramian and Oliver Graf have turned the business of real estate on its head by introducing a brokerage that not only lets agents keep 100% of their commission, but also provides 24/7 support. At Big Block Realty, the agents are the customers, and the customers are treated like family. Clearly, this all-new business model is working! Big Block Realty has been named San Diego’s Best Real Estate Brokerage four years running, and recently landed #26 on the Inc 500.

While munching on the epitome of comfort food (a tantalizing Mac ’N’ Cheeseburger) at Grub Burger Bar, Sam and Oliver give us their three tips on how you can turn your vision into a reality, and what to do when an enterprise goes south. Naturally, every endeavor will have its ups and downs. Like Sam says, “You either feel like king and queen of the world, or you feel like you might be on the verge of death,” and realizing that is the first step to overcoming the doubt and anxiety that comes with a slump. The guys advise entrepreneurs to seek counsel, dismiss what the critics say, and feel comfortable and confident in the direction they’re going. 

Learn more about Sam Khorramian and Oliver Graf:


S02:E04: Conquering Fear with Jeff Gogue from Off the Map Tattoo

No one is born knowing how to dance, or draw, or run a business. All skill is acquired and, with enough diligence, mastered. World-renowned tattoo artist, Jeff Gogue, spent years searching for his niche before stumbling upon tattooing. An ambitious and hard-working soul from age 13 on, Jeff grew up feeling that limitations had been placed on him due to his circumstances, and he yearned to escape those bonds. From selling t-shirts, to trying his hand at fine art, Jeff searched for that one thing that would propel him into the realm of successful entrepreneurs.


In the beginning, tattooing looked easy. As Jeff soon found out, a lot of labor goes into any enterprise before it becomes effortless. Between mouthfuls of the Bi-Animal Burger at The Haul in Grants Pass, Oregon where one of his Off the Map Tattoo shops is located, Jeff recounts how difficult it was to come to the realization that one person cannot do everything. Just as the old adage “it takes a village” states, you are just one part of a whole. Master what you are good at, and bring in others to support your weak spots. Above all, Jeff says, stay true to yourself, give your all, and have the courage to face the outcome, whatever it may be.


Learn more about Jeff Gogue:



S02:E05: Empowering Stay-At-Home Moms with Cents of Style CEO, Courtney Brown


What started as a hobby for Courtney Brown, the stay-at-home mom-turned-CEO, grew into a multi-million dollar e-commerce women’s fashion brand, pushing Courtney to tap into a massive unrealized workforce – other moms. Operating outside of the traditional 9-5 business model in order to offer flexibility, Cents of Style has nevertheless seen 200-300% growth 3 years running. How does an all-female company with 32 employees, most of whom are stay-at-home moms, achieve this kind of success?


While devouring a side of tachos (tater-tot nachos) alongside the award-winning Ghost Burger (so named for the ghost pepper hiding in every bite), Courtney explains the struggle of admitting that motherhood isn’t the be-all end-all, finding fulfillment without sacrificing family, and navigating a male-dominated profession. Join us in the beautiful ski town of Park City, Utah as we take a bite out of business with an amazing and empowering entrepreneur.


Learn more about Courtney Brown:


S02:E06: Scott Schwab’s Revolutionary Education Transformation

Education hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years. Students sit at desks, listen to teachers lecture, copy down notes from the board – but does this still work? Scott Schwab says it doesn’t, and his mission is to change education as we know it. At the forefront of this mission is Bottega, a unique coding school that offers varied learning methods aimed at educating the individual, not the masses.


An award-winning Garlic Burger pairs excellently with Scott’s lessons on overcoming fear, doing the impossible, and having the right people supporting you. After feeling frustrated with the traditional educational experience of college, Scott set out to create his own curriculum, starting as a door-to-door salesman and using the profits to rise to the top as Co-founder and President of Bottega. Take a seat with us in Draft’s Sports Bar & Grill as we get a glimpse into the future of education.


Learn more about Scott Schwab:


S02:E07: Thrive in a Competitive Marketplace with Survivorman, Les Stroud

Calling all entrepreneurs out there – Do you feel like you’re living in “survival-mode”? Documentary filmmaker, musician, entrepreneur, and host of Survivorman, Les Stroud, joins Scott and Alan at Climate City Brewing in Grants Pass, Oregon for two burgerlicious wonders; the Lambo Burger with Pommes Frites and Wagyu Burger with Cajun Tots. How did the rock n’ roller/outdoor adventurer achieve such acclaim and notoriety? Les identified his “base mission” early on – He wanted to connect people with nature through authentic, captivating storytelling.


Always a calculated risk taker, Les offers business owners his top tools to get out of survival-mode and thrive in a competitive marketplace. Learn why you should start cold calling and discover how to stay true to your core compass. Plus, Looking to add ambiance to your next epic feast? Be sure to check out Les Stroud’s latest single, “Arctic Mistress”.


Learn more about Les Stroud:


S02:E08: Survivorman Les Stroud Attracts Audience with Authenticity and Adventure

On the last episode with Les Stroud, Scott and Alan learned some excellent business advice from the creator of Survivorman. This time, they’ll focus on the importance of technology and knowing how to use it to your benefit. Les explains that social media is just the digital version of a billboard – Knowing what you want the world to see and where to project your message is key to draw in a crowd. In order to keep your audience, however, content is king and authenticity is crucial.


It’s important to keep in mind that even when you follow best practices, you can still get stuck. When this happens, Les’ advice is simple: perseverance, perseverance, perseverance! According to Les, there is always a way around obstacles in your path. You can jump over hurdles, you can go around speedbumps, and if you run into a roadblock – get on a different road. In addition, Les encourages entrepreneurs to practice gratitude. Focus every day on what you do have instead of what you don’t.


Learn more about Les Stroud:


S02:E09: Learning from the Best with Greg Reid from Millionaire Mentor, Inc.

Everyone wants to know how to achieve success, but not many people actively seek out those who have obtained it. Greg Reid, author of over 50 books, does. Greg has made it his life’s mission to help others succeed and find their purpose in the world. He is also the creator of Secret Knock, an exclusive event that brings together top achievers to share their wisdom.


At the legendary Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood, California, Greg shares with Scott and Alan the number one thing that holds people back from attaining their dreams: fear of criticism. What, he wonders, could people do if they didn’t worry about what others think? Around mouthfuls of Barney’s Ultimate Burger and Chili Cheese Fries, Greg tells the guys about stickability, the power to persevere and keep your eye on the prize. It’s essential to have stickability, but also a measure of flexibility when going after your heart’s desire. You never know when an unexpected opportunity will rise up and take you farther than you’ve ever dreamt.


Get your new Galaxy Book today at SHI!

Learn more about Greg Reid:



S02:E10: The Bluefish’s Steve Sims Goes from Bouncer to Modern Day Wizard of Oz

From a journey to the International Space Station, to partying at the Oscars with Sir Elton John; luxury and adventure concierge service, The Bluefish, makes dreams come true for VIP clients. We sit down with the modern day Wizard of Oz and founder of The Bluefish, Steve Sims, at the historic Barney’s Beanery in Los Angeles. Steve started his career as a doorman arranging extravagant, bank-sponsored parties for affluent guests. The East London Irishman and master connector began monetizing his networking skills and The Bluefish was born.


Before getting swept away in the mouth-watering bliss that is the Barney’s Cali Burger, Scott, Alan, and Steve discuss raising a family as an entrepreneur, staying authentic to your brand, and setting healthy boundaries with clients. Plus, we review the Samsung Galaxy Book 2-in1 PC with Windows 10 Professional and Samsung Flow technology. Get your new Galaxy Book today at SHI: https://aka.ms/samsunggb12/shi.


Learn more about Steve Sims:



S02:E11: Daymond John and the New Carl’s Jr. Baby Back Rib Burger

CEO of FUBU and The Shark Group, and Co-Star of ABC’s Emmy-Award winning reality show Shark Tank, Daymond John, took the retail world by storm after launching FUBU with only $40 in start-up capital. This rags-to-riches journey wasn’t an overnight success story; Daymond persevered through a multitude of growing pains as he scaled his urban sportswear brand to a veritable fashion juggernaut. Never one to shy away from a new challenge, Daymond has invested in Bubba’s Boneless Ribs, a catering business featuring southern-style BBQ ribs made with a patented food-processing method. Daymond discovered the mouth-watering ribs on an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank and has parlayed an appetizing new partnership with eminent fast-food brand, Carl’s Jr.


Today, we devour a gourmet Carl’s Jr. Baby Back Rib Burger as Daymond brings Scott and Alan up to speed on his recent endeavors including InnerVation Lab and blueprint+co. Daymond teaches us how to break into an unfamiliar industry, surmount scaling issues with an inventory-dependent business model, build strategic partnerships, find mentors, and more.


Learn more about Daymond John:



S02:E12: Notre Dame Football Legend, Rudy Ruettiger, Conquers Odds & Hearts #RudyMovie

Football legend and motivational speaker, Rudy Ruettiger is an all-American hero whose story captured the hearts of millions in the 1993 Hollywood blockbuster, Rudy. How did he persevere through cumbersome dyslexia, bad grades, and disadvantageous stature to become a star player on Notre Dame’s football team? Rudy shares how having a dream, what he calls ‘the edge’, sheer determination, and asking “why not” in the face of his critics got him where he is today.


As we sink our teeth into the amazing grub from Black’s Sliders’ food truck at the historical Star Mill in Utah, we learn why courage is quite possibly the most important characteristic for those embarking on an entrepreneurial endeavor. Hundreds of thousands of businesses are started every year; to be successful leaders must embrace failure as an integral stepping stone to a prosperous future. Find out how your ambition, hope, and tenacity can inspire others to dream big as Rudy leaves us with two important lessons to carry into our business and personal lives.


Learn more about Rudy Ruettiger:

S02:E13: Building Strong Relationships: Skipio’s Nick Greer & Randy Garn

Skipio CEO, Nick Greer, and CMO, Randy Garn, explain how keeping a positive, open company atmosphere and holding 15-minute power meetings are keys to helping your employees grow just as much as your business. Randy stresses the importance of creating a learning environment that teaches employees to innovate, bringing new ideation to your company.


We recognize the undeniable clout of face-to-face networking as we try a popular sandwich from Black’s Sliders at the historic Star Mill. Though technically not a burger, the delectable Scooter’s Southern Fried Chicken Slider is topped simply with romaine lettuce and ranch dressing on a Tuscan bun. After quickly devouring our feast, Randy and Nick stress the importance of nurturing organic business relationships. While technology is beneficial, it can never replace the power of genuine, human interactions. That’s why Nick and Randy created Skipio, a platform that makes sending highly-personalized text messages to potential and current clients easy! Learn how to step up your networking game with business partners and employees alike!


Learn more about Nick Greer and Randy Garn:


S02:E14: Grow, Adapt, Pivot: Rachael Herrscher and the Power of Social Media

Did you know more women own businesses in Salt Lake City than anywhere else? Salt Lake City, or ‘Silicone Slopes’, is a gender equal, tech-focused city, where TodaysMama.com and SocialBoost.com Founder, Rachael Herrscher, began her entrepreneurial journey. Rachael describes how pivoting from a traditional print business to an online model helped her survive the 2008 economic crisis. We get some tips on how to build an online presence and avoid certain pitfalls in a world where everyone is scrambling for ‘likes’.


Speaking of pivoting, we turn our attention to a super-secret specialty burger, from Westgate Resort’s Edge Steakhouse in beautiful Park City, UT. Chef Wayne has concocted a delicious east-meets-west wagyu burger, broiled to perfection, and topped with truffle aioli, a sous vide lobster tail, béarnaise sauce, black truffle peelings, and caviar on a brioche bun. As Alan’s taste buds are overjoyed by the amazing Edge Burger, we get some great advice for women looking to get into business and acquire funding. Rachael details how to craft the perfect pitch, obtain like-minded investors, and build your online tribe of influencers. Are you ready to grow, adapt and pivot in todays connected age? Watch now.


Learn more about Rachael Herrscher:

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